The Facebook CEO’s time in Washington is over, though he has a lot of homework to do.

Over ten hours of grilling from American lawmakers complete, Mark Zuckerberg’s time in Washington is over. The second day of testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee again ended with very little to show for it, despite a punchier line of questioning than Zuckerberg had received the previous day from the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committee.

As if five minutes for each member of Congress wasn’t tight enough, House representatives were allocated just four to grill the Facebook CEO. As a rule, Senate members were far less accommodating of Zuckerberg’s long meandering answers where he rigidly stuck to the same lines of defence rehearsed the day before: you have control over your data; mistakes were made but lessons were learned; Facebook is a force for good.

Once again, there were a few highlights to slightly discomfort Zuckerberg. Here they are:

Zuckerberg admits his data was exposed to Cambridge Analytica

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